The quotation below gives an indication as to what we are all about, comments like this make it all worth while.
"To say I was astounded would be an understatement. This is probably the quietest mod ive ever heard. It also makes my AR15 more accurate, this gun will normally hold 0.5" every time with some better as is normal. I was consistently returning 0.2" groups and thats 5 shots not 3 with the mod on. The gun obviously likes it to."

Welcome to Onelesscharlie.. the Mid Wales Premier rifle shooters store.

Offering a range of firearms and firearm accessories for both the novice and experienced shooter alike we aim to be the first choice for the Mid Wales rifle shooting enthusiast. We are open from 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and evenings or weekends by appointment.

As of 1st March 2016 we have expanded our scope of supply to include other brands such as

This should allow us to cover all the bases and offer you exactly what you require for range or sporting applications, lightweight or heavier.

We are also able to offer a range of products for the rifle shooter including but not limited to the following. This range allows for opportunities for those on a tight budget or those in the fortunate position of having a little more to spend.