Posted on the Stalking Directory regarding a .243 S Series fitted to a Howa 1500 used by a provider of DSC1 and DSC2 courses.

" A number of you will have seen the various posts by Colin regarding his line of moderators. Following some lengthy chats last year he kindly sent me one of their products to try out. That we did and many things about it impressed, not least the build quality and finish which was second to none.

However the issue for us was size and weight, I reported back to Colin and returned the moderator - we spoke at length on the review and his parting words were "leave it with me" - yeah right!

A number of weeks passed by and to be honest I forgot about it when the chirpy chap is back on the phone saying he thinks they've cracked it and a suitably redesigned version was on its way. Whilst we all tend to like the sound of our own voice its still nice to have a manufacturer actually listen, take on whats said and care enough about what they do to act on it - t here a precious few of those about.

New moderator duly arrived, threaded up to fit our 243 Howa 1500 and dimensioned specifically for it. This wasnt a rehash of the original, this is a new toy entirely. Weight and dimensions reduced significantly - our material test laboratory swung into action 420g, 38mm diameter and 160mm overall length.

Simply, its beautifully made, the fit and finish is top notch, the threading is flawless and the feel is solid with a capital S. Would I use one? Yes, this is a quality piece of engineering that delivers all that I personally need most of the time."

Regarding a .223 S Series fitted to an AR15 owned by a custom rifle builder.

"To say I was astounded would be an understatement. This is probably the quietest mod ive ever heard. It also makes my AR15 more accurate, this gun will normally hold 0.5" every time with some better as is normal. I was consistently returning 0.2" groups and thats 5 shots not 3 with the mod on. The gun obviously likes it to."

Regarding moderators fitted to .17, .223 and .243 rifles.

"I have ended up getting rid of my W*****t mods and buying moderators for my range of rifles"

Regarding .223 S Series mod.

"I saw this moderator being tested and the reduction in noise is outstanding with a build quality to match"

Regarding a .338 S Series fitted to a rifle owned by a custom rifle builder.

"I love the anticipation of the first round down a new untested mod, you just dont know what to expect. There was quite a crowd watching too at Mattersey and to a man they were astounded. This baby sounds like a silenced 243 I kid you not. It also recoils like a .308 without the stab."

Regarding a 17Series fitted to a Sako Quad .17hmr

Got my new onelesscharlie 17hmr moderator the other day. I have been working for a few months to get the moderator just how I want it, to be robust, have great longevity, easy to strip and clean, be a tad quieter than a sak and to possible gain some more accuracy. Well Colin from onelesscharlie has delivered on all accounts. I tested the moderator the other day against my current one a wildcat whisper and it's out done that completely, the onelesscharlie is heavier but it's fully stainless steel but that is what I wanted for the longevity. The new moderator is incredibly well made and finished off. If anyone is in the market for a new 17hmr moderator speak to Colin at onelesscharlie, a true gentleman and customer service that is second to none. I have done some youtube video's but they don't fully show off the sound reduction but feel free to see what everyone thinks.

Regarding an S Series fitted to a 20 Prac and 17Rem

Posted 17 December 2013 - 05:35 PM I'm not on his sales team and I've got one built specially by Colin for my Sako A1 .20Prac and another, slightly smaller one on my Tikka 595 .17Rem. Cracking mods! Perhaps 'cracking' isn't quite the right word... they're bloody effective! Smaller than my JetZ's too.

Regarding an R Series fitted to a .300 Weatherby Magnum

Posted 09 January 2014 - 09:51 PM

Colin made me a one off moderator for my 300 Weatherby. A nicer, more helpful gent you would be hard to meet. Even more so if you have some custom/specific requests for the build

Top man,top product ( I am also not on his sales team :) )